Media Coverage

Media Coverage

  • BS Nittele「Bakarhythm no Otona no Tashinamism」

    BS Nittele, Bakarhythm no Otona no Tashinamism

    May 2019 TV

  • BS12ch「Drunk Dragon no Bakaure Kenkyujo!」

    BS 12ch, Drunk Dragon no Bakaure Kenkyujo!

    March 2017 TV

  • NHK「Miwaku no Sonota」

    NHK, Miwaku no Sonota

    April 2016 TV

  • TV Asahi「Kimekata TV」

    TV Asahi, Kimekata TV

    April 2015 TV

  • TV Asahi「Yajiuma Terebi」

    TV Asahi, Yajiuma Terebi

    January 2013 TV

  • K-MIXShizuoka FM

    K-MIX Shizuoka FM

    November 2012 Radio

  • NTV「Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo」filming cooperation

    NTV, Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo, filming cooperation

    October 2011 TV

  • NTV「Kokoro Yusabure! Senpai ROCK YOU」

    NTV, Kokoro Yusabure! Senpai ROCK YOU

    October 2011 TV

  • Kansai TV「Bangumi Kakyuun!!」

    Kansai TV, Bangumi Kakyuun!!

    October 2010 TV

  • NTV「Zoom In!! SUPER」

    NTV, Zoom In!! SUPER

    February 2008 TV

  • TBS Radio「Stream 954」

    TBS Radio, Stream 954

    July 2007 Radio

  • NHK News「Ohayo Nippon」

    NHK News, Ohayo Nippon

    April 2007 TV

Media Requests

Media Requests

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