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Signatures are used around the world in countless situations, from writing checks to approving documents. Whereas in Japan, the traditional stamp is often preferred, resulting in difficulties such as forgery, theft, or loss of the original.

In Japan, where the traditional stamp is largely accepted, a signature may seem unnecessary unless you are a well-known public figure. However, a signature will come in handy in various aspects of daily life, such as when you sign a receipt or pay by credit card. Due to Western influence, writing a quick signature has become not uncommon in recent years.

With this positive momentum, Syomei.com was established to further spread the signature culture in Japan. Since our beginnings in 2005, we have created over 90,000 signature designs for more than 50,000 customers. We also run the SignatureJapan Facebook page to communicate with others who have similar perspectives.

Since olden times, it has been said that one’s handwriting reflects their personality. Your position and character are mirrored in your writing. With computers and smartphones now an essential part of our daily lives, we write less and less with our own hands. Yet, signatures continue to be indispensable in any era. This is due not only to its security benefits but also as a tool to express your identity in a time where originality stands out. And writing such signatures with your own hand leads to confidence in yourself.

Our wish is to provide each customer with their own unique signature without compromising design or practicality.


About Us

About Us

Company Name Syomei.com Inc.
Address Fujinami Building 5F, 3-6-2 Higashiueno, Taito, Tokyo
Phone Number +81-3-5817-8897
FAX +81-3-5817-8679
URL http://syomei.co.jp(corporate website)
Email Address gugu@syomei.com
Business Hours (Japan Standard Time)

Hours: Monday-Saturday (10:00-18:00)

※We provide only email support on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Business Details

■Individual Customers

Provision of handwritten signature designs for executives, businesspersons, performers, athletes, the general public, etc.

■Corporate Customers

Project proposal of samples, gifts, amenities, merchandise, etc., with logos/signatures for businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Past Clients Professional athletes, celebrities, listed company executives, Diet members, lawyers, etc.
Media Coverage

March 2015, TV Asahi, Kimekata TV
January 2013, TV Asahi, Yajiuma TV
November 2012, Shizuoka FM K-MIX, K-MIX CARAMEL POCKET
November 2012, R25 Magazine, Sign Sakusei Service ga Ninki

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